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Legendary Women Kicks off Buffy Month and more!

We at Legendary Women are dedicating the month of April to Buffy Summers and the women of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. We'll be unveiling fresh content every week, including exclusive interviews with Buffy novelist Nancy Holder and long-time Buffy writer and producer Jane Espenson, currently working on Once Upon a Time.

For now, Margaret Bates kicks us off Buffy style with Season One From The Feminist Perspective

Bates also had a chat with The Bitch Pack about how this year's Oscar winners measured up on the pro-woman scale using The Bechdel Test on The Bitch List. Don't know what any of those are? You will when you read this thought-provoking interview here

And we announce the winners of our Anne Boleyn give-away here and our latest raffle item for Buffy Month:

So come on over! And feel free to comment and share!

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