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Huge News At Legendary Women!

As we at Legendary Women continue to laud all things Buffy, we have some truly amazing happenings!

First, our "celebrity liaison" and Huffington Post blogger Morgan Glennon, sat down with Jane Espenson for an exclusive interview. That's right, Jane Espenson, who not only wrote some of the most incisive episodes of BTvS, but has tried her pen on Game of Thrones (check out the Syrio Forell and Arya Stark "dancing lessons" scene if you want to know why she's amazing), is currently working on Once Upon a Time, and will be featured in the buzzworthy documentary Wonder Women: The Untold Story of American Superheroines (whose creator, Kristy Guevara-Flanagan, we'll be speaking to this week). She gave us some lovely insights on Buffy and the place of female heroines and role models and we are so pleased to host her thoughts. Check it out here.

Also, The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation has written us up in their Daily Dose. And now we can finally announce our total for this year's fundraising efforts with The Sweet Clark and Lana Forum


Read all about it here! It's absolutely amazing that, even with Smallville over and a scattered fandom, we actually BEAT OUR TOTAL FROM LAST YEAR!

Thanks to all the donors who gave and friends who spread the word and made this happen! And thanks to the Ladies at Sweet for joining up with us to show the power of fandom!
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