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More Great Reads For Buffy Month

As Legendary Women's Buffy Month slays on, we have more exciting interviews:

Christopher Golden, who co-wrote the first Buffy novel with Nancy Holder (who we earlier interviewed here) among other Buffy Novels and comics, talked to our own Verushka Byrow, sharing his thoughts on Buffy, Angel, and strong women.

Corina Lombardi interviewed Valerie Frankel, an award-winning author whose work ranges from parodies to pop-culture ruminations, about her book Buffy and the Heroine's Journey.

Valerie Frankel was also kind enough to write a guest piece for us about what makes Buffy's journey as a heroine so unique and resonant.

And Margaret Bates gives us a breakdown of season three and how it measures up from the feminist perspective.

And, don't forget, out Buffy T-shirt give-away is still ongoing and still insanely simple to enter.

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